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An amateur artisan, whose speciality is almost everything, although mainly following;

Button jewelry, crocheted jewelry and of course crocheted button jewelry.

In addition to that making this kind of jewelry the soul of a perfectionist has peace, the jewelry are washable, ecological and suitable also for metal allergic and rheumatic people. All the jewelry is made only by me partly of recycled materials, and every unit is unique.


Cards, wreaths, bouquets (also bridal bouquets!), flowers in pots, "paintings" etc... Long lasting and showy, suitable also for allergic homes. And because it is nice to spread everything good and fun, I also teach others for origami.


Except jewelry, origami and many other handicrafts, I nowadays also crochet unique blankets with modified or totally my own models. Obviously other people think the blankets are wonderful, too, because every time my adult daughters come home, they try to hide a blanket to take home.

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